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Choosing your wedding florist and bouquet

How to choose your florist and bouquet

I have thought about this in depth over the last few weeks as there are more and more florists entering the wedding industry.  That's great and really good for the profession but difficult for couples as there is so much choice out there. 

Of course experience, qualifications and recommendation is important but also vision. Its so important to keep up with fashion and to understand what dress styles are popular and how the styles change from season to season. 

You should always be shown a wide range of designs and different styles and previous portfolios. 

Any florist should ask about your dress and want to see a photo and sample of that fabric and also the bridesmaids dresses.  Without this informaton it is impossible to design a bouquet which will compliment the gown perfectly.  It is so important to ensure that the correct flowers are used against the dress.  If the gown is heavy lace, less textured flowers should be used against it.  If similar textures are close together they merge and the bouquet will have less impact.  The bouquet and dress should compliment each other perfectly and neither should dominate.

The shape of the bouquet is also vital.  Shower or teardrop bouquets have become popular again - although the vast majority of brides still prefer round handtied bouquets.  Shower bouquets have a more formal style and are held directly in front of the body.  If the gown has beautiful decoration on the bodice a shower bouquet would hide this.  The shape of your dress is very important when choosing your bouquet and your florist can guide you through this.

I often think that its the "feel" the dress gives which determines the style of bouquet.  If the gown is a very full simple design such as a 1960's style, the traditional advice would be to use a shower bouquet as the dress is full, but I image like Audrey Hepburn wearing this style holding a beautiful neat small handtied bouquet of all roses or cymbidium orchids.  A stunning Edwardian styled lace dress would perfectly suit a natural overarm bouquet of trailing foliages and calla lilies.  Your florist should have this vision and understand how to create the perfect bouquet for you.

Of course colour is also vital.  I have studied colour for years and greatly enjoy this subject.  It is imperitive to understand the colours that make up each individual colour (blue with red = purple) in complete depth.  To match unusual colours such as teal and coral your florist must understand colour and colour harmonies.  People are often afraid of colour and using unusual colour harmonies, I think almost any colours can be used together - if you look at a beautiful herbaceous border any colours can be used and the result is stunning. 

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