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“My eyes filled with tears when I saw what an amazing job Jades had done!”

Wedding Flowers at The Fennes Estate

For the team here at Jades Flower Design, last year flew by in a whirlwind of weddings, roses and romance! We were fortunate enough to create some unique and inspirational designs for some unique and inspirational couples! One such wedding took place in the summer of 2015 at The Fennes Estate, Bocking.


This stunning wedding really showcases the versatility of The Fennes Estate.  It is a venue that truly lets our imagination run wild and allow us to do what we do best - create unforgettable weddings!  Besides being set in a stunning countryside location, the marquee is an amazing space that always excites us - as designers it offers us so many opportunities.

The bride and groom wanted a fun, summery, vibrant feel to their wedding.  The Fennes Estate lent itself perfectly to this brief - the gazebo where the ceremony was taking place is set in beautiful grounds and the large marquee is a neutral space that can be transformed with clever planning and design.   At Jades Floral Design we love using strong colour in weddings as we can utilise our experience of creating unusual, unique colour palettes.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to understand their vision and ultimately exceed their expectations, so we couldn’t wait to create something spectacular for this fun couple!

If you are newly engaged and looking for wedding inspiration, or if you simply appreciate beautiful design, we hope you enjoy the photographs of this remarkable wedding!

Beverley Nichols - Floral Designer at Jades Flower Design

01376 563111


First of all the team hung varying lengths of multi-coloured ribbon from the gazebo, adorned with blue glass droplets to inject vibrant colour to the cream backdrop.  The sun was shining and the atmosphere was fun and joyful!


Once inside, it was important to be consistent and continue the strong, vibrant colour scheme.  The marquee at The Fennes Estate has a high ceiling in a neutral cream so we needed to be creative to ensure that the space was filled with colour.  We needed tall, spectacular arrangements and this was achieved by placing trees on top of some of the tables.

In spaces with high ceilings, tall arrangements can be easily seen by guests from all angles and look simply spectacular in photographs.  They create great impact in such a cavernous space. By simply elevating floral designs as part of a tall tree or by placing on top of a tall vase they immediately look decadent, luxurious and expensive!


To add the rich, jewel colours to the design we adorned each tree with blue Hydrangeas, ‘Amnesia’ roses, ‘Juliet’ roses and ‘Deep Water’ roses and again hung multi-coloured ribbon from the branches. 

On other tables we used silver candelabras and glamorous footed bowels, dressed with garlands of hydrangeas, peonies, roses and ribbon. Using arrangements of different heights creates visual interest and impact within the space.

Finally the team concentrated on the top table to ensure that it was heavily adorned with colour.  We take great care to ensure that the top table looks incredible at every wedding.  Enjoying your first meal as a married couple, surrounded by your loved ones is a moment that you will never forget and it is our intention to make it as fabulous as possible!  For this couple who loved colour, we wanted the top table to look luxurious, vibrant and simply spectacular!

When the team had finished dressing the marquee with trees, roses and ribbon the space was awash with colour. We hope that the photograph below will give colour shy brides the confidence to be loud and proud!  By cleverly mixing together a unique colour palette we created a stunning and unique look – perfect for a hot summer wedding.

Once night fell, the marquee lit up with the candles, fairy lights and tea-lights. We are lucky enough to have a huge array of accessories to ensure that each wedding is lit beautifully in the evening as it is so important to also think about the evening reception, not just the daylight hours.  The marquee transformed into an amazing party, just as the couple had wished for.

We hope that you agree that this was an unforgettable wedding! We couldn’t leave however without including a couple more photographs from The Fennes Estate - they are simply too gorgeous to be missed!  If you feel inspired and would like to talk to us about your upcoming wedding please call us on 01376 563111 and pop over for a coffee.  As you can probably tell, we LOVE talking about weddings! x

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