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“My eyes filled with tears when I saw what an amazing job Jades had done!”

Wedding Flowers - How to style your Top Table

How to ensure your wedding breakfast is simply unforgettable!

Couples are often so focused on creating amazing centrepieces for their friends and loved ones that we often have to remind them about the importance of decorating their own top table. 

We take great care to ensure that the top table looks incredible at every wedding.  Enjoying your first meal as a married couple, surrounded by your loved ones is a feeling that you should never forget and it is our intention to make it as memorable as possible! 

At the wedding below, held at the beautiful Hedingham Castle, we draped a garland of flowers and pearls along the length of the top table and hung Sweet Avalanche Roses on wire to break up the neutral cream tablecloth with the subtle pink blooms.

The bride and groom for the next wedding wanted a natural, woodland look to their wedding and the best way that they could describe their vision to us was by referring to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  Le Talbooth lent itself perfectly to this brief, being located in the beautiful Essex countryside, set in stunning grounds, next to a winding river. We placed trees adorned with roses onto the tables and continued with natural, loose arrangements on the top table.

For the wedding below, the bride and groom wanted a fun, summery, vibrant feel and The Fennes Estate in Bocking was the perfect location.   Their marquee is a neutral space that can be transformed with clever planning and design.  

At Jades Floral Design we love using strong colour in weddings as we can utilise our experience of creating unusual, unique colour palettes. For this couple who loved colour, we wanted the top table to look luxurious, vibrant and simply spectacular!

We installed a garland of flowers around the curved top table and hung multi-coloured ribbon at different lengths to inject some vibrancy to the neutral backdrop.

Couples can always achieve a spectacular look for their top table by creating a display for the centre.  In the photograph below at the stunning Hengrave Hall, we created a long, low and loose arrangement of hydrangeas and roses with amaranthus hanging to the floor that reflected the table arrangements.

At the next two weddings, we wanted to ensure that we created the most incredible scent.  We used the sweet smelling White O’Hara roses in the first photograph at Le Talbooth, which has the most gorgeous fragrance and in the second, we used rosemary and eucalyptus at Sibton Park, which filled the marquee with a fresh, invigorating scent.

There are many ways of decorating the top table, without relying on large displays.  Different sized vases can look simply spectacular when used on mass.

When using a round table placed in the centre of the room, floral chair backs are a beautiful way of defining the top table, making those sitting there feel very special indeed!

It is so important to define the top table and in this last image, we certainly made sure everyone knew where the bride and groom were seated! As you can imagine the scent was simply incredible and we are sure that it was a meal that the couple will never ever forget!




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