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Using Flowers throughout your Wedding

Using flowers throughout the wedding ensures that all details are beautifully co-ordinated


Flowers play such an important part at a wedding - their colour, form and scent create much of the atmosphere that makes a wedding truly memorable and can evoke emotions for years to come.  They provide the adornment and beauty that such an occasion deserves.

Bouquets, buttonholes and table centrepieces are the obvious way to incorporate flowers into a wedding but flowers can be used in a number of ways throughout the day.  Using flowers throughout the wedding ensures that all of the different elements are beautifully co-ordinated. 

Cake Decoration

The cake below, created by the brilliant Bakealicious, was decorated using the same flowers that were used for the table centrepieces.  This meant that the cake co-ordinated perfectly with the rest of the room and looked effortlessly elegant.

Wedding Favours

Using flowers as a wedding favour is a particularly sweet gesture.  Not only is it an elegant gift, but it co-ordinates beautifully with the rest of the wedding flowers and can make your table look decadent and luxurious.

Decorating your Table Plan

Couples often like to personalise their table plans, to ensure that it is an extension of the style of the wedding.  A perfect and really easy way to do this is by using the flowers that are being used for the table centres.

Chair Backs

Creating arrangements for chair backs are a beautiful way of adding interest to the room and looks simply spectacular in photographs.  Just a simple posy of flowers, co-ordinated with your centrepieces, looks stunning. When using a round top table it is the perfect way to define the table and ensure that it stands out!

Photograph by Simon Carr

Co-ordinating All Areas

Flowers can be used to co-ordinate all of the different areas that used at a wedding, for guest books, dessert tables and present tables etc.  Creating memorable displays using the same flowers throughout the wedding can ensure that all of the areas look connected to one another and equally styled to perfection. 

Photograph by Tim Bowden







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